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Resource Management

Assign customers to employees, tables, rooms, and more

Whether you assign customers to tables, staff, or other resources, you can serve them better by effectively tracking and managing how customers are assigned to resources with Waitlist Me Pro. You can see what is available (staff member, room, table, etc), see how long everything has been occupied, and more, so you can make smarter decisions faster. Our unique approach to resource management blends psychology, data science, and cutting-edge design principles to create an intuitive tool that employees can learn to use in a few minutes and enjoy using.

Video tutorials: Resource Management, Strategies and Setup

Simple Assignments – Assign customers to one or more resources upon arrival or when a resource becomes available. It is easy to match customers to the right resources from the assignments view that shows availability, or from the waitlist view where you can see the customers who are waiting or have reservations for today.

Group Management – Waitlist Me makes it simple to group resources into a framework that is quick and easy to understand, so you know where to send the next customer. Resources can be organized into groups and sorted by availability to make comparisons and decisions simple. If you organize your resources differently by day or time, Waitlist Me also gives you the flexibility to switch between different groupings.

Intuitive Views – By using a dynamic representation of resources, Waitlist Me simplifies the amount of data needed in different scenarios so you can make smarter decisions faster. View are also flexible, and you can choose from several options depending on what best suits your needs and preferences.

Flexible Sorting – Different people in your business may want to see resource availability in different ways, and various sorts make it easy to view key information according to different needs.

Visual Statuses – Beyond tracking whether a resource is available or not and how long it has been occupied, you can define other statuses and have them display in different colors. For example, you may want to track whether a resource is coming available soon or is unavailable for the day.

Analytics and Reports – Spot trends and make improvements. Get high level metrics with Assignment Overview report, do deeper analysis with the more detailed data in the Assignment Logs report, and see results split out by assignments and sizes in other reports.

Simple Setup – You can get set up in a couple minutes, simply by adding your resource names or numbers. After that, you may want to group resources into sections and layouts for more effective organization.