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Get reports to help improve performance

Waitlist Me has a number of reports with Premium and Pro subscriptions to help you easily get views into your usage and business performance. To run reports, log into the Waitlist Me website and go to the Analytics page. From there you can select from several report options and have the data emailed to you in .csv format.

analytics web

Activity Overview - How are things going? See trends in how many customers you served by day, week or month
Demographics - Who comes to your place? See breakdowns by age and gender and if it has changed over time
Group Size - Find out more about the variations in customer group sizes
Activity Logs - Want to know more? This report has the most details on customers served for deeper analysis. Note that for privacy and security reasons, none of the reports include the exporting of customer emails or phone numbers.

Assignment Overview - How is your service? View trends on time spent serving customers and utilization of your resources by day, week, or month.
Assignment Logs - Looking deeper into the data? This report has the most details on your customer experience from when they check in to when they leave.
Assignment Size Drilldowns - How do results vary by size? View differences in groups, customers, time, and utilization if you have defined sizes for your tables or resources.

Multiplace Overview - Snapshot of key metrics for customers served across multiple locations. Doesn’t include customers scheduled but not served yet.
Customers Added - View of daily and monthly counts of customers added to the waitlist and reservations (day they are scheduled) across multiple locations.
Total Served - View of daily and monthly counts of all the people served (day they are checked off) based on adding together the total people in parties or groups.
Daily Activity Logs - Similar to the regular Activity Logs report, but with the ability to run across multiple locations.