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Assignments Statuses

Visualize how your customers are being served

Custom status colors let you quickly code situations that apply to your business. You could choose purple for a table that needs to be cleaned, yellow for a bowling lane that is reserved, blue for a section that is closed, etc. Choose what you want the colors to represent in the app under Manage Assignments > Statuses. Add your own wording to tailor the statuses fit your business needs.

status set up

Once you’ve set up your statuses, using them is easy. On the Assignments screen, tap the resource and choose the status from the action bar at the bottom.

select status

A timer will show how long the resource has been in its current status (except for Open and Unavailable). You can sort your Assignments screen by Status:

sort by status

The view on a phone or computer will show in a vertical layout, with the color coding and sizes on the left:

phone sort

Statuses will automatically revert back to Open after 6 hours, to make it easy to start fresh at the beginning of the next day. If you’d like to block out a resource as taken for a longer time, you can use the “Unavailable” status, which will stay until you change it. See more about getting the most out of the Resources features here.