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Simple Assignments

Assign customers to employees, tables, rooms, and more

When you assign customers to resources you can easily see what you have available to serve the next customer, whether it’s tables at a restaurant, lanes at a bowling alley, or chairs in a barber shop. From the Assignments screen you can quickly tap on a resource to open the action bar at the bottom. Choose a party from the waitlist to assign to the resource, or simply serve them now.

Assign from resource page

If you prefer to work directly from your waitlist, you can press in the Assign column for a customer. A menu will open up where you can choose which table/resource to give the party.

Assign from waitlist

Alternately, if you already know where the customer will be going when you are adding them to the list, give them their assignment right away. As you move through the screens to add a guest to the list, you’ll be able to see available resources in green (as well as their size). When things get busy you can see what is available or coming open soon much faster, since those will be at the top of the list.

Add resource

You could also choose to add an assignment to a reservation, or when editing a party’s details on the waitlist. If you wanted to let the customer know where to report to, simply add the [assign] variable to the outgoing text notification. For example, the text could say: We're ready for you! Please come to [assign]. The text sent to the customer would show the resource you assigned them to, such as a specific bowling lane.

Once the customer is served/seated, the resource will show as red (taken), and a counter will start tracking how long that party has been there. There are multiple ways you can view your resources and see at a glance what’s open, taken, reserved, etc. See more here.