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Add Yourself Widget

Customizable and simple to add to any website

The web widget makes it easy for customers to add themselves to your waitlist from your website and for you to see their waitlist requests from the Waitlist Me app.

Display estimated wait times or people waiting

widget wait estimate

Customers can then submit their info for adding themselves to the list

widget add self view

Creating the widget is as easy as switching the toggle to “ON” from your widget settings page. A unique widget will be created and all you need to do is copy the line of code onto your website where you’d like the widget to display.

The widget can be customized at any time, and you will see how it looks in the preview section at the top of the page. Press “Save” to keep changes and automatically update the widget on your site. Here are some of the options:

Titles – Change the text that appears on the two different screens of the widget. The first screen shows the estimated wait and the second screen appears after customers click to add themselves and enter their information

Colors – Match the widget to your website the way you like with the flexibility to change the colors of the text, background, borders, and links.

Display types – We have a couple options on what you may want to display to give people a feel of how long the wait might be, or if you choose “None” it will not show the view of the wait estimate at all and just have the fields for people to add their information.

Also, if you want to go back to the default settings after you can always click the Reset link at the bottom.

widget settings