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Table Management Overview

Easily manage your tables and availability

Serve your customers better by effectively tracking and managing your tables. Waitlist Me makes it simple to know the best place to seat your next customer. You can see at a glance what tables are available, how long they have been occupied, and more, so you can make smarter decisions faster.
Our Pro service has our core set of table management features, and Platinum includes additional floor plan and section management views. This video shows how both options work:

Simple Seating – Assign customers to one or more tables upon arrival or when a table becomes available. Quickly see open tables and to track how long they have been occupied, so waiting customers can be efficiently assigned to tables.

Section Management – Waitlist Me Pro's grid view lets you group tables into a framework that is fast and easy to understand, so you know where to seat the next customer. Tables can be put into sections and sorted by availability to make comparisons and decisions simple. If you organize your tables and sections differently by day or time, Waitlist Me also gives you the flexibility to switch between layouts.

Intuitive Views – By using a dynamic representation of tables and sections, Waitlist Me simplifies the amount of data needed in various scenarios, so you can make smarter decisions faster. Views are flexible, and you can choose from several options depending on what best suits your needs and preferences.

Floor Plan View – Our Platinum plan has additional views of floorplans, sections, and layouts to provide more insights and control over assigning and serving customers. See your tables as they appear in your restaurant and optionally group them into rooms. Watch A Video

Analytics and Reports – Spot trends and make improvements. Use real-time section and table stats within the app to help your operations run smoother. Also, get more insights and do deeper analysis by running reports from your account online.

Flexible Sorting – Different people in your business may want to see table availability in different ways, and we have various sorts to make it easy to view key information according to various needs.

Visual Statuses – Beyond tracking whether a table is available or not and how long it has been occupied, you can define other statuses and have them display in different colors. For example, make it easy to see which tables are waiting for a bill, are ready to be bussed, or are unavailable.

Simple Setup – Start by adding your table names or numbers. After that, group tables into sections and layouts for more effective organization. Here is a set of steps you can follow for getting set up.