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Assignment Views

See what’s available at a glance

Once you’ve assigned a few customers to resources (restaurant tables, clothing dressing rooms, etc), you’ll want to see an overview. Pro’s Grid View will give you everything you need at a glance. Check out what’s open (the green boxes), what’s taken (the red boxes), and how long everything has been occupied (bottom left of each box). There are multiple options to sort this view to meet your needs, see more here! Change the size of the boxes to fit your business; use bigger boxes if you have a few resources, and smaller boxes if you have many resources.

assignments grid view

Tapping on a resource will open an action bar at the bottom where you can mark it as unavailable, serve the next party, or assign a future party:

grid view with action bar open

Sections view – Are you a restaurant using the sections features? You’ll get some great options on how to view your tables and sections. Press on the Stats icon to see how many groups/customers each server has had so far. Save your hostess from mental math and let the app do the calculations for you.

sections labeled view

Split screen view – Want to see the waitlist while you manage your tables? Check out the split screen view! Just press ‘Open’ on the footer bar to bring up the waitlist, and drag the bar to your preferred height. You’ll have key features from both views at the same time.

adjust split view

Floorplan view – The Platinum plan includes a full spatial floorplan layout. See your tables arranged visually as they are in your restaurant, with additional features for managing table rotations by server or by defined sections.

floorplan section notes

Alternate list view – If you prefer to see things vertically, check out the List View. You can switch between the views in the upper right of the app on a tablet (currently computers will show the list & grid view; phones will show list view & floorplan view). If you have pre-assigned a party to an open resource, you’ll see data regarding their expected time to be served, and any notes entered.

list view

Assignments are integrated with the waitlist so that when a customer who has been assigned a resource is checked off the waitlist, the resource will automatically switch to ‘taken’ in the assignment view. If a previous customer was using that resource it will swap them with the new customer without any additional steps. See more info on resource management here.