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Multiple Locations

Manage all your places smoothly and efficiently

Are you signing up more than one location for Waitlist Me’s service? Great! We have some features for making your life easier:

Adding Locations - You can set up additional locations individually in a few steps. Once set up, you can see all your locations in one view on our My Places page, and easily navigate between them online. (If you have more than 10 locations, we can set those up for you with our enterprise tools. Send us an email at for more information.)

User Permissions - You can have multiple email logins and different permission levels for each location if you want more control over who can access settings, payment information and reports.

Simple Training - Designed to be intuitive, so you can get started in minutes with our our overview video. Need more info on reservations, section management, or letting customers add themselves to the list? Check out our tutorials on our popular features.

Combined Billing - Enter a credit card once for all your locations to combine all your locations or have them charged on separate accounts, depending on your preferences. It’s easy to manage your subscriptions and get payment receipts all in one place.

Transparent Pricing - No set up costs or long-term contracts necessary. The low monthly subscription price is per location, and you can easily add new places or downgrade when needed. (Annual options are also available at a 20% discount.) Plans include a bundled amount of notifications, and more can be purchased if a location has higher usage.

Business Insights - Our multi-location reports allow you to gather data across all your places at once. Here is more on our analytics and reports.

Secure and Reliable Platform - Waitlist Me is built on Google’s Cloud Platform, which has a number of built in security features for encrypting and protecting data. It is also a highly reliable and scalable platform, which means you can count on Waitlist Me to be fast and available even when things get busy.

More Information and Help - Additional documentation on some popular features can be found in our knowledge base. If you need help with anything, shoot us an email at, and we can always set up a phone call if needed.