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Managing Users and Access Levels

Waitlist Me gives you the flexibility to have multiple users and different permission levels for your accounts. A common scenario would be to have a separate login for the manager and the staff. If you have multiple locations, you may want to have an admin account with access to all locations to simplify billing and management of the account, and at the same time have separate individual logins for each location. This makes it easy to ensure that staff don’t accidentally use another location’s waitlist.

Adding Users
To add a user, log into the Waitlist Me website and go to My Places to choose a location. Click Account on the top and User on the lower left. Press the Add User button and enter the person’s email address. They will receive an email invite to create a password. If they already have an account, they will not need to set up another one and will immediately have access to the location’s waitlist.

User Permissions
To the right of each user there will be a hyperlink for Admin. Clicking this will allow you to change a user’s permission level.
Admins - Full access. This is usually the account owner.
User - Full access, except they cannot add or remove users.
Limited User - Only has access to use the waitlist, reservations, and assignments. A Limited User can’t change most settings or access payment information and reports.

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