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Retain More Customers

Reduce walkaways with waitlist notifications

Walkaways are bad for your bottom line. It’s that simple.

When you use Waitlist Me to give your customers the option to be notified on their phones when you are ready for them, you are doing more than making your waitlist more efficient. You are giving your customers the freedom to go for a stroll or use their time in another way than just sitting around waiting. Simply having that option is a big deal to most people, and the main reason Waitlist Me has been proven to reduce the number of potential customers lost.

Walkaways can also cause your business to lose additional revenue by clogging up your waitlist, making it harder to estimate wait times and slowing your ability to serve the next available customer. If a customer wants to pull a walkaway, that happens, but you shouldn’t have to lose a lot of time waiting for them to show up.

For this reason, Waitlist Me Premium gives customers an easy way to let you know if they are not coming or need a few more minutes to arrive. By using simple, pre-defined text responses, Waitlist Me makes it more likely customers will let you know if they are coming or not. It also minimizes the interaction time you’d normally need to learn this through something like a phone call, so you can spend more time with other customers. Waitlist Me Pro and Platinum subscriptions have the additional feature to send custom text responses to texts received, up to three times per customer visit.