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Text Responses

Know when customers need more time or are not coming

With Waitlist Me Premium and Pro, we assign a unique phone number to your account for sending out the confirmation and notification text messages. In addition to having a local area code for sending texts and placing calls, this number allows for a couple additional features.

You can receive two pre-defined responses to text messages so it is easy for customers to let you know whether they are coming or not. Knowing this sooner rather than later will help you keep your quote times accurate and retain more customers.

The way it works is a customer can reply in a text message with the number “2” to request more time or “3” to let you know they are not joining so you can remove them from the list. In both cases the row with that customer will flash in Waitlist Me, and a message will be displayed on their status.

Waitlist Me won’t display anything they might send in the text message, so other types of responses would be lost. The point is to keep things simple for you and your customers rather than get into a text chat with them which could be confusing and time consuming.

The default notification message will have these instructions for the customer so it is clear for them.

text responses

Also if a customer tries to call the Premium number in response to the text or call coming from that number, they will hear a message explaining that the number is only used for notifications and it will provide them your regular business number to call.