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NoshList Becomes Waitlist Me To Help Businesses Manage Wait Times Across Many Different Industries

Over the last few years, restaurants have used a little app called NoshList to communicate with and provide estimated wait times to their customers, but it found that same functionality had applications across multiple different industries.

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NoshList Crosses Industries and Platforms As Waitlist Me

NoshList is expanding the use of its popular restaurant waitlist service to help businesses across all industries better manage their waitlists and reservations.

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Should you buy enterprise applications from a startup?

The idea of buying an enterprise application from a startup company might sound like anathema to a CIO. But Chris Laping, CIO of restaurant chain Red Robin, based in Greenwood Village, Colo., disagrees.

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Q&A: On restaurant wait list technology with Craig Walker, NoshList chief executive

One of my favorite quotes comes from Teddy Roosevelt: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
With American consumers dining out now more than ever, waitlist apps are changing one of the most arguably antiquated seating systems in the industry.

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New Wait List App for iOS7

NoshList has announced the release of its free iOS 7 wait list app, which includes several new features for improving the guest experience and operational efficiencies. The company also added a new analytics section on the NoshList website with downloadable reports that measure visitor activity and trends in a restaurant’s traffic and demographics.

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Changing the Face of Restaurant Technology

One of my favorite quotes comes from Teddy Roosevelt: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
It's a simple quote and yet it means so much. In terms of restaurant operations, I see owners and executives constantly paying tribute to Roosevelt's words, oftentimes without even knowing it. They create a customer experience grounded in the menus they've created, the stores they've designed, and the service they provide. Yet there are always ways we, as an industry, can use today's technology to deliver a customer experience beyond traditional expectation.

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Restaurant Hospitality

When the restaurant industry used to talk about guest management systems, that typically meant paper waitlists and buzzer devices designed to systematically track potential diners. While these methods were somewhat effective, they were static in their approach and failed to capture key business metrics based on diner loyalty, order history or the amount of in-store dollars spent.

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The NoshList wait list app closed out 2013 with more than 22 million diners seated across 5,000 restaurants. The company also finished out the year as one of the first apps available on the Clover POS app marketplace.

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Hospitality Technology

NoshList has announced a new POS integration for its popular wait list app that will allow restaurant operators to better manage their guest experience. Working with Clover, an all-in-one POS solution with an open platform, NoshList is one of the first apps available on the Clover app marketplace.
The NoshList app on Clover makes it simple for any restaurant owner, operator or general manager to manage their wait list and POS all from one place. The app makes getting started with NoshList a snap, and will automatically pull the merchant’s information into NoshList when signing up. More features using other integration touch points are coming soon.

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Red Robin Rollout

Firespotter Labs announced December 6 that its waitlist app for iPad, NoshList, has been successfully integrated into all Red Robin International, Inc. company-owned restaurants as part of a nationwide roll out. A fully featured restaurant waitlist and guest management solution available for free at, NoshList makes it easy for restaurants to efficiently manage their waitlist and elevate the guest experience.

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Mercury News

It's a familiar scene at any bustling restaurant during the Sunday brunch rush -- the only thing standing between you and eggs Benedict is an unwieldy waitlist and an overwhelmed hostess who may not remember your name when a table opens up in an hour.
The backlog of hungry customers and an inefficient table-seating system -- which has traditionally relied on a hostess yelling "Frank! Party of four!" out the restaurant door -- is enough to try the patience of the most avid restaurant diner and trip up even the most smoothly run restaurant operations.

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San Francisco Chronicle

No more "Smith, party of five, your table is ready." No more bulky buzzers to carry around.
NoshList, a free iPad application, enables restaurant staff to text diners on their cell phones when tables are available. The app was released by the Google Ventures-funded Firespotter Labs, a Bay Area technology company founded by Craig Walker that's committed to replacing antiquated infrastructures at large industries.

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TechCrunch - 1 million seated in 75 days

NoshList, the new waitlisting application for restaurants out of Firespotter Labs, the makers of the food photo-sharing app Nosh (and, as you may recall, the awesome SoLoMo spoof app Jotly), is announcing today that it has now hit 1 million seated since the app's debut in February of this year. According to company CEO Craig Walker, the fast uptake for the iPad app by those in the industry has been both rewarding and validating for the team.

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CBS Philadelphia

The worst part about going out for a meal is standing around waiting for your table. NoshList can make that a little more bearable. The NoshList app lets restaurants send a text when they can seat you, giving you the freedom to take a walk or get some air. It's a free app for restaurant owners - and might be one that's worth mentioning to your favorite host or hostess.

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TechCrunch - NoshList Launch

Firespotter Labs, makers of the food photo-sharing app Nosh (and more recently, the hilarious spoof app Jotly), is launching its latest creation today called NoshList, a new waitlisting application for restaurants. The app, designed for the iPad, ties into to the company's consumer-facing Nosh mobile app, which allows users to rate and review restaurants and dishes from their mobile phones.

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Last month, I stumbled into Umami Burger, a restaurant here in San Francisco. It was lunchtime on a weekend and the restaurant was crowded, but the host asked for my mobile phone number and told me the restaurant would text me when a table was ready.
There's an app for that, it appears, since the host put my number into an iPad. And it worked: About 10 minutes later, while I was out for a walk, the message came in. The app in question: NoshList, which is leaving closed beta and should be appearing for free in the App Store tonight.

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Our patrons are tech savvy and like that we can easily notify them when their table is ready. NoshList allows us to fulfill our need to notify guests and simplify our waitlist process all while employing a new technology that appeals to our guests.
Ryan Thackberry
Owner - Marbelle
With NoshList, our guests give us their cell phone numbers and we're done. The rest is a touch of a button. No hardware to exchange and no loss (thousands of dollars!) due to unreturned pagers. Best of all, our restaurant is becoming even more efficient which has terrific rewards.
Lisa Schroeder
Executive Chef & Mother - Owner's Bistro & Bar
NoshList has provided Umami Burger an efficient and streamlined way to managing our restuarant waitlist. Our patrons appreciate the ease of text and automated phone call alerts to let them know when their tables are ready and we appreciate the unlimited free texting and phone call alerts to diners.
Jason Berkowitz
Vice President of Hospitality - Umami Burger Restaurant Group
(13 locations / 37 planned)
When we were planning to open our second Nopalito location there was no doubt in our minds that we would be using NoshList to manage our waitlist. NoshList gives our diners the freedom to wander about the neighborhood without fear of losing their table. For our staff, NoshList provides an element of organization which allows them to spend less time managing our waitlist and more time assisting coworkers to clear a table or deliver drinks; things that can help us to deliver a better experience overall.
Allyson Jossel
Owner - Nopalito Restaurant Group
(3 locations)