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Account Billing

Upgrading, downgrading, and managing billing

You can upgrade, downgrade, and manage your billing details by logging into the Waitlist Me website at and clicking on the “Account” link at the top.

Upgrade – Select Annual or Monthly at the top of the page, then click on the “Upgrade Now” button in the Premium, Pro, or Platinum column depending on which plan you’d like. Then you’ll be asked to enter your credit card, and be upgraded immediately. If you are wondering which plan is right for you, here is a good article.

Change Plans – If you want to change your plan from one subscription to another, click on “Update Plan” button and choose the plan you would like. Upgrades will take effect immediately. Switching from monthly to annual will take effect on the next scheduled billing date.

View Billing History – Clicking on the “Billing History” link will show you the dates and amounts of your past payments and allow you to view, save, and print copies of your receipts.

Update Credit Card – Entering new payment information on this page will change the card we use for your payments.

Downgrade – Click on the “Update Plan” button and then on the “Cancel Subscription” link on the right. This will set your account to downgrade at the end of the current cycle, so you won’t be charged again.

Have multiple places? You can manage them from one or multiple logins, and can add and upgrade locations by going to the “My Places” tab when you login. Here is an Admin Guide with more information.