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Customizable Notifications

Personalize the text notifications and automated calls customers receive

To customize notifications that are sent to customers, log into Waitlist Me and click on the "Account" link at the top and then on "Settings". Or you can go to the Settings area in the Waitlist Me apps.

There are three messages you can send to each customer. The confirmation notification goes out when you add a customer to the list, and contains their estimated wait time and a link to the public waitlist page so they can check their place in line from the phone. There is also a variation of this message that goes out when you choose to set an ETA time, like for a reservation rather than a quoted time. There is also the option to turn off the confirmation altogether.

phone notification setting

To view the ETA variation, click on the ETA tab.

ETA notification

The notification text is triggered by pressing the notification icon in the app that let's the guest know you are ready for them. Premium and Pro users also have the option to allow customers to send simple text message responses if they need more time or decided not to come, and these responses will show in the app.

notification alert

If you need to notify a customer a second time, you can choose to have an automated call go out or a text message. Make edits to the text notification, or choose from a list of pre-recorded options for the phone call.

phone notification setting

Pro users can also type in text for a custom text-to-voice phone call for further customizing that message beyond the default options.

text to speech notification option