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Computer Lab Appointment and Waitlist App

The easiest way to manage appointments and a waitlist

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Don't Shortchange Your Students

Whether it is a computer, piece of equipment, meeting room, or other school resource that is in high demand, it is sad when opportunities for students to use these resources are lost because of scheduling confusion. Don’t let students fall through the cracks. Make it easy for them to find times to have access to the resources they need.

Show Them You Care

Schedule appointment times for students, send them text confirmations and reminders, or just add them to the waitlist and text them when it is their turn. Spend less time worrying about scheduling and tracking down who is next in line, and more time on providing support for the students.
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Simplify Things

Forget messy paper appointment calendars and complicated scheduling software. Anyone can learn Waitlist Me in a few minutes. Intuitive calendar views make seeing availability and scheduling appointments a breeze. The waitlist feature is as simple as adding the person’s information and pressing a button to send a text when it is their turn.

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Get Better Results

Organize your waitlist and any reservations you might have through smarter organization and simpler tools. Reduce no shows and walk-aways with text reminders and avoid scheduling mistakes that lead to excessive waiting. Waitlist Me helps you run things more smoothly, so you can better organize your resource usage and make people happier.

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