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Charleston Giveaway FAQs

How does Waitlist Me help with wait experiences?
Waitlist Me helps businesses manage their waitlists more efficiently, quote wait times more accurately, and notify customers text messages and call notifications when its their turn. It helps give customers the flexibility to walk around and do other things while waiting, and also lets them check their place in line from their phone.

Can I nominate more than one business?
Sure thing!

Can I nominate any type of business?
Yes. Wherever you’d be happier with a better waiting experience. Waitlist Me is used at all types of businesses including restaurants, barber shops, cell phone stores, bowling alleys, urgent care centers, and more.

Can I nominate a business I am happy is already using Waitlist Me?
Yes. They are equally eligible for the offer.

Can I nominate a business outside of Charleston?
Sure. They wouldn’t be eligible for the Charleston offer specifically, but if we like your idea we may think of something for them too.

When will the winners be announced?
We are taking nominations up until April 15th, and will announce winners in the week after that.