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About Waitlist Me

Time is valuable, both for businesses and their customers. Waitlist Me’s mission is to empower businesses to dramatically improve customer wait experiences with a service and apps that are simple, flexible, and incredibly cost effective.

Simplicity. We continually obsess over making Waitlist Me intuitive and user-friendly. We believe our apps should be easy for employees to use with little or no training, and that the business customers touched by our service should find it trustworthy and helpful. Our pricing and terms are simple and transparent for business owners, with a low monthly rate for unlimited usage and no contracts.

Flexibility. Waitlist Me is being used in all kinds of businesses. We have invested in building a truly cross-platform service to work across iOS, Android, and the web in different business environments. Businesses using Waitlist Me don’t need to force their customers to install apps because it works by texting and calling phones. There are many ways to customize the Waitlist Me service for different business needs, and to personalize key customer touchpoints to fit your business voice and brand.

Exceptional Value. Waitlist Me combines the best features with the lowest price. How is this possible? Our team has deep experience in telephony, so we can manage a highly scalable and reliable text and call messaging system in a way that is very cost efficient. Also, by taking a product-oriented approach to delivering a solution that just works, we don’t have to build in the higher sales, training, and overhead costs that more complicated software might require. And we save a lot by not playing typical sales games of hiding pricing, requiring demos to sell people, and charging some more and offering discounts to others. Our pricing is transparent and simple for anyone to upgrade and downgrade on their own.

History. Waitlist Me was launched in 2012 as Noshlist, and is now being used in all types of businesses to serve millions of their customers a month. Founded by ex-Googlers, Waitlist Me started as part of Dialpad in the Silicon Valley, and was spun off to grow more effectively as an independent business. The company is headquartered in Charleston, SC.

Team. Waitlist Me is led by CEO Brian Hutchins, who has deep experience in product development and marketing communications at a number of successful startups and at larger companies like Google and Yahoo. Waitlist Me has some distinguished advisors helping guide the strategic growth of the company, including:
- Craig Walker - CEO of Dialpad and previous Founder of Google Voice
- Eric Antonow – Previous VP of Marketing at Facebook and Director of Marketing at Google
- Jen Grant – CMO of Looker and previous VP of Marketing at Box
- TR Missner – Voice Engineer at Google and previous Head of VoIP at Dialpad and CTO at
- Andrea Boren – Principal at Gull Rock Communications and previous Director of Communications at Dialpad