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Waitlist Me is Used by All Kinds of Businesses

Since Waitlist Me can be used on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, other mobile devices, and even computers, Waitlist Me can be used just about anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection!

Getting Started


Customize Texts

Personalize the text messages people receive when added to the list and notified it is their turn. See more

Add QuickNotes

Pre-define the list of the most common notes to appear in the app for easy tracking. See more

Define Resources

Change "table numbers" to names, chair numbers, rental IDs or whatever you assign to your customers. See more

Customer Examples

Here's some ways to use Waitlist Me:

Health & Beauty

Salons, spas and barber shops use Waitlist Me to manage their walk-ins and to take reservations that they would otherwise have to write down. For additional tracking, employees can add QuickNotes for “haircut,” “manicure” or “massage,” or other popular services. Some places also use the Waitlist Me table feature to assign customers to chair numbers, hair stylists or massage therapists (by using their initials).


Urgent care facilities often have to deal with highly variable wait times for walk-in customers, depending on the day. Waitlist Me helps them manage expectations while giving people more freedom to move outside the often crowded waiting room. Medical and dental offices use the reservations feature to organize appointments and send text reminders and appointment confirmations. Pharmacies use Waitlist Me to announce when a customer's prescription is ready.


Many retail places don’t have tablets or wifi, but they usually have a computer they can use for Waitlist Me. Repair places let customers know when their things are fixed, mobile phone stores simplify who a salesperson helps next, consignment stores notify people when they have assessed the value of items brought in, and clothing stores let customers continue shopping while waiting for a changing room.


Waitlist Me is used to notify parents that it’s time to pick up their kids from after-school tutoring or other educational services. Some places even use the analytics feature to compare the amount of time students spend with their performance. In other cases, Waitlist Me is helping schools that offer tutoring services and lab resources better manage how students access these resources.


Many businesses rent out “spaces”, like bowling allies, and they use Waitlist Me to “seat” people at a lane number rather than how a restaurant would assign a table. Other places rent things, like boats, and they use Waitlist Me to “add” a person to the list when they take the boat out, then notify them when their time is up, and finally “seat” them when they bring the boat back. In this way they can send reminders when time is almost up and easily track the time a rental was used.


Restaurants have waits sometimes, but car repair and services have waits all the time. These places use Waitlist Me to let customers know when their cars are ready and to better analyze how efficiently services are being rendered. Car dealerships also use Waitlist Me to manage queues in assigning customers to sales people and in notifying them when the finance department is ready for them.

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