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Improving social distancing with Waitlist Me

Strategies and tips for the COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses, big and small, across many industries, have had to make changes to adapt to new challenges caused by COVID. We put together some articles to share some strategies and examples of how businesses are using Waitlist Me to survive and even prosper.

Waiting in the car – When waiting in the car is best for customers and patients
JIT for services – How to apply a simple manufacturing concept to reduce crowds and fight COVID-19
Contact-free Service – Touch-free or Contact-free service tips for increasing safety
QR Codes – How to use QR codes to let customers join the list before entering the building
Staggered waiting – Different ways to space out customers to decrease waiting and crowds

Some examples of how different types of businesses are employing these strategies:

Restaurants – How restaurants can make curbside pickup easy
Medical offices – Making waiting safer at doctor’s offices and medical facilities
Dispensaries – Enabling safer prescription pickups and promoting social distancing inside stores