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Payment Options

Waitlist Me works best with a credit card, because everything is automated and in your control. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time, and there are no start up fees, and no contracts with the monthly subscription. Just one low monthly price of $24.99 for Premium, $49.99 for Pro, and $99.99 for Platinum. If you know you will use the service all year round, take advantage of a 20% cost savings by doing one annual payment:
  • Premium is $239.88 a year (equivalent to $19.99 a month)
  • Pro is $479.88 a year (equivalent to $39.99 a month)
  • Platinum is $959.88 a year (equivalent to $79.99 a month)

If using a credit card is not an option for you, we can set up an annual invoice where you could pay for a year of the service in advance. To set that up, please send us an email at with the billing address and contact info for the invoice. We unfortunately don’t offer monthly invoices because it is a more manual process and not cost efficient for us given the lower prices we charge for our service.