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Network Connectivity

What if I lose my Internet connection?

You can still use Waitlist Me, but will not be able to communicate with your customers via text or call. Once connectivity is restored, your waitlist will sync and you can resume customer communication.

Follow these troubleshooting tips:

1. First, check that your own network is active and working properly. If your WiFi is down and your tablet is WiFi only, Waitlist Me will not be able to send SMS notifications or phone calls. You will be able to add parties to your waitlist. Waitlist Me will sync up as soon as your connection is restored.

2. If your network is working fine, try logging out of Waitlist Me and then back in.

3. Try running the web version at in the iPad safari browser to see if that connection is better or is faster. You can run this concurrently with the app to compare how it performs. If you see any slow down there it is almost always network related, but with the browser you can see that more easily and use the refresh button.

As a last resort, try logging out of the app, turning the tablet off and on again, and then logging back in to Waitlist Me.