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Best Cost

How can it be so inexpensive?

Yes! Waitlist Me is the ONLY text waitlist and reservation solution that offers unlimited usage and so many features for such a low price. Plus, you can use it on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, and right within any web browser to fit whatever equipment you have. How is this possible?

Experience - Our team has deep experience in telephony, with previous work on products like Google Voice and Yahoo Voice, so we can manage a highly scalable and reliable text and call messaging system in a way that is very cost efficient. We pass these savings on to our customers.

Intuitive Design - By taking a product-oriented approach to delivering a solution that just works, we don’t have to build in the higher sales, training, and overhead costs that more complicated software might require. Our customers not only save with the low subscription price, but also save time and money they don’t need to invest in ongoing training programs for their employees.

Saving Time – Waitlist Me is about saving time, and we help businesses do this for millions of their customers. We help businesses save time with pricing that is straightforward and easy to understand, and processes that allow people to upgrade and downgrade on their own, according to their needs. We avoid wasting time and money by not playing typical sales games of hiding pricing, requiring demos to sell people, charging some high list prices and offering discounts to others, etc.