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Table and Resource Assignments

Assign customers to tables or other resources

Waitlist Me makes it easy to assign customers to tables or other resources, either when they are first added to the list or when they are seated. The table numbers or resource are displayed in the waitlist view, so you can scan the list at a glance and know which parties go where.

add tables in app

Table numbers appear in a spinner for quick selection, and by default the numbers will be from 1 to 30. You can add, remove, and change these numbers to match your actual table numbers. If you aren’t a restaurant, you can change the numbers to represent what makes sense for your business. Think of them like a resource that can be assigned to a customer. They could represent the initials of a stylist or salesperson, a number for a barber chair or bowling alley lane, a rental ID or code, among others.

assignment selector

You can edit Assignments in the app settings individually, or you can update them all at once in the settings on the Watilist Me website:

assignment editing online

Simple assignments are part of Waitlist Me Premium, and we also offer more extensive table and resource management features as part of Waitlist Me Pro & Platinum.