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Add Users

Managing Multiple Business Logins

With Waitlist Me, you can log into a single account on multiple devices and the information on the devices will automatically sync. So in many cases you don't need to create any additional logins.

In some cases you might want to have several business logins, and there is no extra charge for this. One reason might be if you wanted to have separate logins for your employees and the business owner/manager. Or if you have multiple locations, you might want to give an operations manager or finance manager access to all the places, but only allow each individual location manager to access their place.

To add another user, login to and select Account at the top, then User on the left. (If you have multiple locations, first you'll want to go to My Places to select the correct location, then go to the Account page.) Press Add User, and you have the option to make that person an Admin, User or Limited User. Admins have all privileges, and Users are similar to Admins but can't add or remove users. A Limited User doesn't have access to many of the settings, reports, and account information.

When you add a user, they will receive an email notifying them that they have been added to the place and asking them to create a Waitlist Me account, if they don’t have one already. If you are planning to sign up for others, then please make sure to do it in a different browser so you aren't going through the sign up process while logged into your existing account.