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Kiosk Confirmation and Approval

Options for the confirmation view and approval requests

Whether you want all requests to be approved automatically or want them to come to a staff member for review, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Confirmation and Approval section of the kiosk settings.

kiosk menu

Here is an overview of the main options:
  • The Confirmation Message will display for a short time in the widget box after a client enters their information before returning to the main view for the next customer. This is a good area for a short welcome message.
  • The Custom HTML gives you the option to add text/pictures to the area outside of the widget box, which will display after a request is submitted. (Available with a Pro or Platinum subscription.)
  • Toggle the Auto Approval to On if you don’t want to have to approve customer requests. This will add them to the waitlist or schedule a time for them and send them a confirmation message.
  • If Auto Approval is Off, you will see options for the Request Rejection Message and Request Removal Time. The Removal Time lets you select any time between 5 minutes and 7 days to allow a request to remain active before the app rejects it. The Rejection Message will go out if the request is rejected within 30 minutes of when it was submitted.
  • Also if Auto Approve is Off, on the other tablet or phone you use to manage Waitlist Me you can enable the Alert Sounds to play a sound along with the notification that a person has checked in through the kiosk.

kiosk confirmation

Edit mode
As a reminder on where to edit these settings, first, turn on Kiosk Mode by pressing the gear icon > Add Yourself > select On for Kiosk Mode. Once you’ve entered the kiosk, select the menu on the upper right and choose Edit Settings. Enter your password to get into the Edit Mode.
You’ll now see a red bar across the top that lets you know you’re in Edit Mode, and the gear icon on the left will take you into a menu where you can choose Confirmation and Approval.

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