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Join the Waitlist from Google

Let customers get in line from anywhere

This feature is currently available for businesses in the US and Canada in Google's dining category. We hope to extend it to more industries and countries in the future.

If you choose to enable the Join From Google feature, when customers view your business on Google they will see an option to join your waitlist. The process is simple for customers: Select the party size, add any notes desired, and then they’re on the list!
join waitlist from google

Requests appear above your waitlist, with key info visible at a glance for quick approvals.
Customer request from google

Press on the flashing row to review and approve. The name, phone number and party size will be pre-populated, and you can select an estimated wait time based on how busy you are.
join waitlist from google

By default, requests are auto-approved within 10 minutes if no action is taken, and you can choose to have requests auto-approved immediately.

When added to your list, the customer receives a confirmation text with their estimated time and link to check their place in line. You can distinguish people that have joined from Google by the label under the status color.
google waitlist

If you decline a request, the customer receives a text notifying them their request could not be confirmed. Declined requests will also appear in the history section.
google waitlist

To turn on the feature, go into the Settings and select Add From Google > Enable. There are also settings that allow you to set party size limits, display information on your waitlist policy, and choose if requests are auto-approved immediately.
google settings

Join From Google is available with any of our subscriptions. Once the account is upgraded, it can take 24 hours for us to verify your Google Place ID before you’ll see the option in your settings. After you’ve enabled the feature, please allow 1-2 days to see the Join Waitlist button on your Google Business Profile. The availability of the Join Waitlist button is controlled by the hours you have set with Google. If you have special holiday hours, make sure you update your Google profile with those.

When you turn off the Join From Google option, the Join Waitlist button will no longer be active. It can take Google up to 24 hours to remove the button from search results. When reactivating the feature, it can take 24 hours to be live again.

Want to let your customers add themselves to your waitlist from your website or social media page as well? Check out our web widget feature, and the various ways you can customize it to your brand.
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