🌷🌸Our Spring Hours for the Month of June 2024:🌸🌷

Friday thru Tuesday: 8AM-5PM

Wednesday: 10AM-7PM

Thursday: CLOSED

📢[Last Walk-In or Waitlist Added at 4:00PM (6:00PM on Wednesdays). If you're on the list we will see you after hours with no extra charge.]

This waitlist will be used only from Friday-Wednesday FOR:

  • Men's haircuts
  • Military/Veteran/Police/Firefighter/First Responder haircuts
  • Boy's haircuts
  • If available from the drop-down menu, you may also use it for:

  • Beard/Mustache trims
  • Straight Razor Shaves
  • Straight Razor Fades
  • Facial waxing
  • Undercut Shave

  • ★ You will be able to add your name as early as 6AM on those days until 4:00PM (6:00PM on Wednesday)
    ★Please add each individual person receiving a service as a separate entry.

    ❌ If this waitlist shows "widget inactive" during business hours, that means there are too many people on the waitlist to be able to handle before closing time. It will most likely not re-open. However, if you are ALREADY ON THE LIST, you will be taken care of. No worries.❌

    ★This waitlist is NOT for Salon Services---please call 374-7854 & leave a detailed message★

    ★Boy's Haircuts under 12 years old: we DO NOT do Skin/Zero Fades for young children. Shortest length will be a 1★

    ★We only cut children's hair who can sit unassisted in the chair. Not in an adult's lap. ★

    Salon and Chemical Service Appointments: Call (907) 374-7854 [SUKI]. Leave a detailed message for:

    • Women's Haircuts
    • Girl's Haircuts
    • Perms
    • Styling
    • Hair Treatments
    • Hair Color/Vivids/Blonding/Highlights

    Current rules and availability for your visit:

    • 1. Once you add your name on the waitlist, you will receive a notification text that you are on the list. It will have a link to see the list in real time and see how long everyone has been waiting.
    • 2. Please add each individual person (each child, etc.) as a separate entry. It helps us time the waitlist better to serve you.
    • 3. If your service is not available from the drop down menu, it is not available today. Remember all salon services like women's haircuts are appointment only and does not go through this waitlist.
    • 4. When it is almost your turn, you will receive a second text (your first notification text) that you have 20 minutes maximum to arrive to the shop. Please leave your ETA and/or write "I'm here" when you are inside the shop.

    • Please try to limit the people in your party coming inside as there is limited seating. Please try to have only those receiving a hair service wait inside.

    • 5. If you will be more than the 20 minutes from that text notification, please delete and re-add your name. We understand that sometimes things come up, but we are trying to be as fair as possible to everyone else waiting on the list.
    • 6. You will -NOT- have greater priority by waiting inside the shop when it is well before your turn. Please utilize the waitlist to your benefit and run errands or have a bite to eat if it is a long wait.
    • 7. Although we prefer cash, we also have other forms of payment available: Touchless pay thru Applepay, Androidpay, and Samsungpay
    • All Major Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX)
    • 8. Kid's first haircut receive a certificate and a lock of their hair. All kiddos receive a gift bag for being such awesome kiddos with their haircut.

    Help keep Fairbanks healthy: If you are experiencing any cold/flu symptoms (Fever, Cough, Nasal Drip, etc.), been diagnosed with covid-19, and/or have been around anyone who has been diagnosed or with symptoms: PLEASE do not add yourself to this list and reschedule an appointment for a later time when you are feeling better.

    ♥ Thank you for allowing us to serve the Golden Heart Community since 2004!

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