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Local Phone Number Area Code

How do I choose a number?

If we don’t have a local phone number in the area code you listed as your place phone number, you will be prompted to choose an area code for the phone number we’ll use to send your text messages. You can choose any area code and it will work the same. We try to match the area code with your business area code, but some popular area codes are no longer available. The area code is used to assign a unique phone number to your account for sending the text and call notifications. It also allows customers to send some simple replies back via text messages if they are on their way or cancelling. Here is more how it works.

It is important to note that you are not choosing your existing business phone number. If people call the number by mistake, they will hear a message with your business phone number, advising them to call you directly.

Phone numbers are currently available in the US and Canada. We don't, however, have area codes in Hawaii or Alaska, but businesses in those states can use an area code in the continental US.