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Public Waitlist Page

Let customers check their place in line

The public waitlist page is a unique URL for a web page that is assigned to your account, and has a number of features and benefits. When a customer is added to the waitlist, there is an option to send a text message confirming that they have been added to the list. There is also a link to the public waitlist so the customer can check their place in line from their phone. They will see a status message at the top of the page and their initials will be highlighted in the list.

The public waitlist makes it easy for people to estimate their remaining wait without having to ask, and saves you time. It also helps them track when their turn is getting closer so they can be nearby when you are ready for them. If a customer decides they aren’t coming, they can press on the Cancel link to let you know and a message will appear in the app so you know to remove them from the list.

You can also use the public waitlist page as a public display at your business. Just put the URL into a browser on a computer monitor or IP TV with an internet connection, and people can easily check for their name or initials on the screen.


waitlist on phone

Premium Features

Waitlist Me Premium includes several simple settings for customizing the way your public waitlist page works:
- Customize URL – Change the default URL to one that includes your business name.
- Name Display – Choose to show customer initials, full name, first name only, or last name only.
- Time Display – Show the wait time as the minutes waited, minutes remaining, the actual time they were added to the list, or hide the time column altogether.
- Size Display – Choose whether to show the customer group size column or not.
- Table Headers – Enter custom labels for the text columns or use icons.
- Status Messages – If you don’t want status messages to appear at the top you can hide them.

public waitlist premium

Pro & Platinum Features

These subscription tiers allow you to personalize the public page to your brand by editing the status messages, changing the colors of the page, and adding custom messaging & HTML to the bottom of the page.

Color Scheme - Personalize the page look and feel by changing the page and table colors.

public waitlist color scheme

Custom HTML - You can also customize the public waitlist page to give customers information about current specials, coupons or your loyalty program that they can check out while they wait. In the Settings or your online account, you can add text or any HTML to the bottom of your public page and preview it on the customize page. When you want it to go live, just click Publish. In the example below the HTML would display an image (which would be hosted on another website) and link to a loyalty program.

public waitlist HTML settings

Here is how the public waitlist page would look with the above example.

public waitlist HTML phone

Status Messages – The messages that display at the top of the page make it easy for customers to check their place in line, know when it is their turn, and cancel if they decide to go elsewhere.

public waitlist status messages

- Waitlist Message – This shows when a customer is in a waiting state and the default message is “You are number [order] on the waitlist, and have waited [time_waited] minutes” (where [order] is their place in line and [time_waited] shows the minutes waited).
- Ready Message – Once you notify a customer, their public page changes to “We are ready for you! Please come by as soon as possible” and gives them options to indicate they are coming or cancelling.
- Finish Message – Served – After you have checked a person off the list the message changes. to “You are no longer on the waitlist” and the list of customers waiting disappears. You could customize this message to add something about enjoying their meal or suggest leaving a positive review on Yelp.
- Finish Message – Removed – If you remove a customer from the list, meaning they didn’t end up joining you, the default message is also “You are no longer on the waitlist” but you could change it to something related to being sorry they weren’t able to join.
- Response Links – If you don’t want people to be able to cancel or indicate they are on their way through the public waitlist, you can remove these links.