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Nosh is changing the way in which restaurants operate their dining rooms and interact with their diners. We're a small team obsessed with using big data to improve operational efficiencies, drive revenues, and elevate the dining experience in the most cost effective way possible. At our core we are a passionate above all else about what we do. We love our restaurant partners and they love the industry defining ways in which we are innovating the restaurant technology space. Think of Nosh like an iceberg, what you see is only 10% of what we've got going on. So if you're interested in the problems our products are already solving, you're going to love what we've got planned. Interested? Check out the open positions below and send us a note. We'd love to hear from you.


  • Flexible Vacation Policy
  • Complete Medical/Dental Benefits
  • Choose Your Setup (monitor, laptop, etc.)
  • iPad for All New Employees

Software Engineer

We're looking for awesome software engineers who want to build the future of restaurant technology. We have to work to do across the system: frontend web design in CSS/JS/HTML; web backend in Python on AppEngine; mobile apps for iOS and Android; and telephony backend in C, C++ and Python. We're looking for engineers who are excited to help with each of those, whether they're fresh out of school and looking to learn, a long-time veteran, or somewhere in between. Our engineers play a key role in product development, from concept to launch, so be ready to bring your creative ideas to the table.
Here's what we're looking for:

  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • Discipline to build things the right way, and test them
  • Always looking for feedback on how to work better
  • Able to communicate cross-discipline: you can help a designer or product person understand the technical trade-offs of your work
  • Highly effective without a lot of direct supervision and handholding
  • Gets stuff done: smart, hardworking, self-motivated, the usual
  • As a bonus, we love to see open source contributions or side projects you've built on your own

iOS Engineer

Nosh is seeking an experienced iOS developer to join our mobile engineering team. Our iOS developers are responsible for keeping our products simple and making our users faster and smarter by giving them seamless experiences. At Nosh we value design, user experience, and accuracy. If it's not beautiful, reliable, and magical, we won't ship it. We're looking for people who share our values, particularly if you have the passion to simplify the world of mobile. In addition to the Software Engineer requirements above, you have:

  • Experience releasing at least one application into the App Store
  • Experience building applications in memory- and network-constrained scenarios
  • Fluency with Objective-C and Cocoa
  • Knowledge of cutting-edge iOS technologies

Android Engineer

Want to help us build the next generation of our Android applications? Nosh is hiring passionate Android developers to re-invent the world of mobile. As part of Nosh's mobile engineering team you will help architect, build, iterate and manage our broad set of mobile application and website products. We value design, user experience, and accuracy. If it's not beautiful, reliable, and magical, we won't ship it. In addition to the Software Engineer requirements above, you have:

  • Experience releasing at least one application into the Android Market
  • Experience building applications in memory- and network-constrained scenarios
  • Solid understanding of the intricacies of the Android platform
  • Knowledge of Java language and related frameworks

Telephony/Network Engineer

Looking for a telephony / network engineer who loves troubleshooting complex issues involving multiple protocols, languages and processes. Must have super sharp analytical skills and an ability to learn on the fly. Logical reasoning is key in this role. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Linux shell
  • VOIP protocols
  • General networking
  • SQL
  • Scripting Languages
  • General system administration
  • Log analysis
  • Open source VOIP platforms

Interaction Designer

We are looking for highly motivated and skilled interaction designers to join our team. We are tackling a big problem and are looking for someone with a history of architecting intuitive and effective user experiences and flows. We care deeply about design and are looking for someone who shares our obsession with elegant interfaces and delightful user experiences.
Here's what we're looking for:

  • Experience designing user interactions for complex, interactive web/mobile applications.
  • Fluency in best practices for web/mobile information architecture and design.
  • Experience using analytics and data to inform design decisions and improve products iteratively.
  • Experience working closely with product managers, visual designers, and engineering teams.
  • Experience managing multiple projects, and thriving in fast-paced, startup environments.
  • Ability to rapidly visualize/prototype concepts.
  • Exceptional creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of interaction design.
  • Must possess an online portfolio with a range of interactive samples (sites, mobile apps, etc).

Product Manager, Business, Analytics, and Metrics

Like big data? In this role, you will work with a team of top notch engineers to make sense of user data, empower our salesforce, and extend our platform through partnerships. With millions of diners seated and thousands of restaurants we generate a ton of data. In this role, you will build systems to make this data more useful and accessible for reporting, analysis, and monitoring. You will also work with our business development and sales teams to figure out ways to make their efforts more effective and productive by refining their tools and surfacing key metrics. Here's what we're looking for:

  • CS or similar degree so you can effectively communicate with our engineering team.
  • Cognitive ability to figure out complex problems and constantly think about how to refine processes.
  • Significant experience building beautiful app/sites/products that are as much intuitive as they are beneficial to the end user.

Platform Evangelist / Community Manager

Are you a foodie? Do you know all about the hottest local restaurants? When you walk into a restaurant, do you engage with the staff beyond the basic "hello" or "table for three"? Do you love meeting new people? Do you hate too many questions? NoshList is the industry leading free iPad waitlist app that text and calls diners when their table is ready using proprietary telephony technology. If you've ever used Google Voice (aka the most prominent VOIP service in the world) you're already familiar with our work. Officially launched in February 2012, NoshList has been implemented in thousands of restaurants and seated millions of diners in it's short tenure. Additionally we have a consumer facing application Nosh, which is pre-loaded with over 18 million menu items for finding "what's good here" everywhere you go, rating, reviewing, and sharing what you eat with your friends. To date we have over 2 million unique dish-level reviews too. Currently we are looking for restaurant-centric people to help cultivate major markets across the country, identify key restaurants for NoshList, and establish connections with diners to promote the use of our consumer application, Nosh. This includes meeting with restaurateurs, throwing Nosh-Ups (parties) for fellow foodies at NoshList restaurants, and being the catalyst in making paper wait-lists obsolete and Nosh the most prominent front-of-house technology platform in the country. If you're interested in helping to bring the Nosh platform to your city and representing the Nosh product suite in your city, we'd love to talk. Did we mention our apps are free? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Someone passion about the restaurant industry and tied in with influencers within your local restaurant community; experience working in a full-service restaurant is a must. No exceptions.
  • Must have the ability to identify decision makers within applicable restaurants establishing a pipeline of restaurant partners (i.e. high traffic, full service, non-to-light reservation based).
  • Meet standard weekly download goals as well as individual quotas, manage the entire process planning and scheduling face-to-face demonstrations and helping to onboard new accounts.
  • Influence and build relationships as a representative of Nosh at applicable industry events.

Manager, Business Development

Like in any industry, relationships in the restaurant industry hold the keys to success. As a Manager within the Business Development function of Nosh, you will be responsible for cultivating and nurturing the relationships that drive the success of our product and future of the company. In this role you will work directly with the executive team to identify key contacts and develop key strategic initiatives to secure future partnerships. Here's what we're looking for:

  • 4+ years in business/corporate development with a proven track record of establishing relationships, closing deals, and expanding partnerships.
  • Comfort and past success penetrating medium to large restaurant groups.
  • Proven history of success in complex negotiations, establishing relationships with various new partners.
  • Abnormally strong interpersonal skills, a desire to build something, and passion for the restaurant industry above all else.
  • Background, experience, and deep knowledge of the full-service restaurant industry. No exceptions.

Inside Sales (any location)

Restaurants love NoshList, however, getting the message out isn't always easy. As an inside sale representative, it's your job to put NoshList on the map. Inside sales reps must possess keen sales, account management, and problem-solving qualities. A track record of success selling into SMBs and excellent communication skills are absolutely essential. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Ability to plan and schedule meetings and demonstrations with restaurant decision makers
  • No fear selling attitude capable of cold calling restaurants and identifying key decision makers
  • Experience in managing the entire sales process
  • At least 2 years of experience selling to restaurants or similar industries
  • Track record of consistently meeting or exceeding sales goals
  • Strong sales and negotiating skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Affinity for working in active and constantly evolving environments
  • Ability to cultivate strong relationships with restaurant owners/chefs/GMs
  • Passion for the restaurant industry, technology, and helping business owners run better businesses
  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent